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Product Strategy

Build, communicate, and execute a cohesive product strategy across feature, growth, scaling, and innovation product work.

What made you a great PM won't make you a great Product Leader. This program focuses on the transition from execution to strategy. You will learn and apply frameworks for building, communicating, and executing a detailed product strategy spanning feature, growth, innovation, and scaling product work.

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Course Breakdown

Who is this for?

Senior, Group, Director, or Heads of Product

Course Goal

Learn to build, communicate, and execute a detailed product strategy.

Topics Covered

Feature Strategy

Evaluate existing features based on feature adoption, retention, and satisfaction, and then map that to various improvement strategies. In addition, you will develop a plan for new features that achieve feature product fit.

Growth Strategy

Map out your Growth Strategy by building a qualitative growth model of your acquisition and habit loops. You will then learn how to improve the various levers of acquisition, retention, and monetization.

Product/Market Fit + Expansion Strategy

Every product reaches a ceiling. Learn the various types of product saturation, how to identify opportunities to expand the ceiling of your product/market fit, then evaluate which strategy is right given your product, market, shared capabilities, and more.

Scaling Strategy + Build Your Product Strategy

One of the most under-looked types of product work is scaling work. Learn how to evaluate the three types of scaling work: tech scaling, process scaling, and user scaling. Then, you’ll bring all four different types of product work (Feature, Growth, PMF Expansion, and Scaling) together in a Product Strategy that you can start to execute.

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