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Product Leadership

The methods of building high-performance product teams, managing up/down/across, and creating cross-functional influence.

There's a huge difference between building features and leading product teams. This program focuses on how to build high-performance product teams, recruit top talent, develop your teams capabilities, manage up/down/across, and communicate effectively across functions. We will help you develop your unique leadership style as you learn the methods behind high-performing product teams.

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Course Breakdown

Who is this for?

Reforge members who are Group PM’s, Product Leaders, or Dir and above or Senior PM’s on a leadership track

Course Goal

Learn to build high-performance product teams and develop your unique leadership style

Topics Covered

Developing Your Product Team

Learn how to evaluate PM’s on 12 different competencies, give feedback that creates compounding rather than linear improvements, understand areas of weakness of your team, figure out where to invest in high performers, and then make critical decisions like promotions, terminations, and reassignments.

Designing Your Product Team

Your team structure needs to constantly evolve with the needs of the company. You will learn how to design and redesign your team in a structured and deliberate way. Then build a system to attract, hire, and onboard the best people. Develop a winning culture that implements key rituals to identify and resolve bottlenecks.

Managing Product Work

Identify areas where you need to lead with context and where you need to exert targeted control. Deconflict and align your PM’s across OKRs. Make critical tradeoff decisions using strategic frameworks. Drive cross-functional alignment and communicate with leadership across the company.

Accelerating Your Career

Managing yourself is just as important as managing your team. Dive into how Product Leaders progress through three vectors: domain, product work, and scale. Develop a 90-day plan as a product leader. Understand how to showcase success and failure. Build long-lasting credibility as a leader.

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