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How Marketing teams level up

Reforge enables teams to operate more efficiently and drive powerful business outcomes.


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How Team Membership Works

Reforge for Teams membership offers vetted on-demand learning and facilitated experiences to help your team develop their skills and keep up with the pace of change.

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    Access the Content Library

    Team membership equips your whole team with access to all available on-demand Reforge programs, content, tools, frameworks, processes, etc.

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    Dive Deep with Live Courses

    Live courses are led by some of the top executives in tech. They drive accountability and create a community for top performers on your team.

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    Customize Your Team's Learning

    Curate custom learning tracks for your team set team learning goals, and track progress. Also, you can invest in private workshops custom-built for your team.

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How Teams Use Reforge

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    Onboarding new hires into any level product or growth role

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    Driving business impact through professional development

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    Engaging, retaining, and promoting top talent

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    Developing a shared language for cross-functional teams

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Team Features

The Reforge for Teams experience will feel familiar to seasoned Reforge members, with a few improvements.

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  • Collaborative Learning Features

    Make learning collaborative with same-team tagging and commenting to flag key insights that you come across.

  • Curate Custom Collections

    Build custom learning paths for you and your team by organizing Reforge content into collections.

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    Engagement Reporting

    Track your team's learning progress with engagement reporting.

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“Reforge is the best tool I have as a leader to level up the thinking of my teams.”

Casey Winters, Former CPO @ Eventbrite

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