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Reforge Payment and Funding Options

To participate in a Reforge program you must be a member. Reforge membership costs $1,995 per year and is payable via credit card or wire transfer. We realize this is a financial investment in your career and we’re confident that our programs are well worth it.

Book with a team

Reforge offers tiered pricing for teams. The pricing tiers are designed to maximize flexibility and provide great unit economics for getting your full team on Reforge. They start at $5,995/yr for up to 10 seats. To learn more, get in touch here.

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Expense through your company

A Reforge membership is just as valuable to your company as it is for you. The systems and frameworks you learn at Reforge will expand your ability to produce results that move the business forward. For this reason, many of our participants expense their membership to their company. Every company’s policy is different, so we’ve put together example pitches you can use below.

Example Pitches

You can use the pre-written emails below to pitch Reforge to your manager, customizing as necessary. Just copy the doc and edit from there!

Reimbursement tips from Reforge alumni

  • Show your commitment by having a plan of how you are going to make time and apply the learnings to your product.
  • Position the program as an investment, not an expense. If the program helps you increase growth of your product by even a tiny amount, it pays for itself.
  • Include a list of the leaders involved in Reforge.
  • Understand your company’s education budget. Most companies have professional development budgets set aside for their employees. Understanding the policy can help you make your case.
  • Tap into a conference budget. Many companies have budgets to send employees to a conference. The ROI of Reforge compared to a conference is much greater. You get structured content, focused networking, and specific outcomes.
  • Include a sample of the content. The following blog posts offer primers on program material:
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