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Mastering Product Management

Level up your product management abilities by mastering critical product management tools.
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Go beyond product management foundations and learn how to truly separate yourself from the crowd. This program will teach you how to identify strategic product work while building internal alignment behind it, how to create and get resources for an ambitious vision, how to consistently develop needle-moving roadmaps and high-leverage product specs, and how to truly empower your team to get maximum leverage when building a winning product.


5 weeks • February 21-March 20 • Weekly events on Wednesdays at 8:30-10 AM

Meet your host

Michael Sippey

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Michael Sippey

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Course Breakdown

Who is this for?

Product Managers, Senior Product Managers, growth managers focused on product, product-minded engineers, designers, or product marketing managers who partner closely with product teams may also benefit from this program.

Course Goal

Go beyond product management foundations and learn how to truly separate yourself from the crowd.

Topics Covered

Mapping Product Strategy and Getting Vision Buy-In

You will learn a step-by-step process for deepening your product strategy understanding to better identify needle-moving work. We will also teach you how to create and get buy-in on a clear scope-specific vision using the Stakeholder-Forum-Style Framework.

Creating Feedback Systems

You will learn a new way of approaching feedback inputs and a step-by-step process for creating a constant feedback system in which to improve products and features. You'll also learn how to create a product lever dashboard helping you identify your highest leverage metrics.

Building 4D Roadmaps and Effective OKR Loops

You learn how to create impactful 4D roadmaps pulling together product strategy, vision, feedback, and lever dashboards, and how to create effective OKR loops that build your product intuition for what drives outcomes.

Empowering Product Specs and Key Decision Architecting

You will learn how to write product specs that remove you as a bottleneck and unleash the creative power of your team. You will also learn how to be an effective decision architect, enabling yourself to make both faster and more aligned decisions.