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Growth Series

The Growth Series is our flagship program designed for experienced product and marketing professionals who want a comprehensive and foundational course on growth.  The program includes topics such as Growth Models, User Psychology, Growth Process + Roadmaps, Retention, Acquisition Strategy, Virality, and more.

Deep Dive on Retention + Engagement

The Deep Dive on Retention + Engagement is a program designed for experienced product and marketing professionals who want to do a deep dive on Retention and Engagement. We go through qualitative analysis, quantitative analysis, and strategies across Activation, Engagement, Churn, and Resurrection.

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Deep Dive on Growth Models

The Deep Dive on Growth Models is coming soon. This program will provide a deep dive on building detailed growth models for any type of product by working through real examples. The series will cover frameworks on how to build the models that drive decision making for growth, such as LTV, CAC, and virality.


The Deep Dive on Paid Marketing is coming soon. Paid marketing is one of the fastest evolving areas of growth. Used wisely, it can be a powerful acceleration lever. In this program we will work through frameworks to deconstruct different paid marketing channels, optimization techniques, use of offline channels like TV/Radio, building dynamic ROAS and bidding models, and much more.


The Deep Dive on Monetization is coming soon. As acquisition channels all get more and more competitive, you need to extend the life of channels and open up new ones. The answer is optimizing your monetization strategy. We'll walk through how monetization affects all parts of growth, the impact of different monetization models, pricing levers and optimization, how to optimize converting users, and long term strategies to increase LTV.


The Data Analysis for Growth Series is coming soon. This program will help build and strengthen the data analysis skills needed to work in a growth role by working through real projects. This series will cover frameworks such as how to identify your business needs, choose your top-line metrics, and perform cohort and correlation analyses.


The Deep Dive on User Psychology is coming soon. The ability to understand your user's psychology is essential. Why? Technology changes. People don't. We can understand the numbers, but User Psychology teaches us how to move the numbers. We'll go through frameworks that explain the science behind how users make decisions and apply them to areas of our product including acquisition, retention, and monetization.


The Deep Dive on Data Product Management is coming soon. Product management for a data product requires more than just strong data analysis skills. To understand what is possible and iterate on your product, you need to understand the current limits of data science as well as what's on the horizon. This program will provide a deep dive on how to build products in data infrastructure, analytics, machine learning, and more.

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