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Case Study

How Reforge Boosted TeleClinic's Acquisition and Retention Metrics

Use cases: Business transformation, access to vetted knowledge

Benedikt Luber

Benedikt Luber

CMO, TeleClinic GmbH

Nicola Beringer

Nicola Beringer

Head of New Patient Growth, TeleClinic GmbH

Key Points

  • TeleClinic GmbH equips 15 members of their Growth / Marketing team with Reforge seats.
  • Reforge helped TeleClinic define aha moments and improve retention and engagement of patients between their first and second visit.
  • Strategies from Reforge's Growth Programs also enabled TeleClinic to reduce their dependency on paid acquisition.


TeleClinic GmbH, a pioneering platform for online doctor visits, has redefined healthcare accessibility, ensuring patients can receive world-class medical care anytime, anywhere. This transformation journey began four and a half years ago when TeleClinic transitioned from a traditional functional structure to a mission-driven, cross-functional approach.

This shift in strategy, driven by a need for scalability and speed, led to changes in team structure, career development, and growth initiatives. To navigate this transformation successfully, TeleClinic turned to Reforge, an expert platform specializing in growth and product-related strategies.

We spoke to Benedikt Luber, CMO, and Nicola Beringer, Head of Patient Growth, for the full story.

Jobs to Be Done with Reforge

TeleClinic's growth team operates differently from traditional functional teams; it consists of cross-functional mission-based teams organized around core customers (patients and doctors). This structure provides flexibility and alignment with the company's mission. Career development within these teams is clearly defined, and progression aligns with the company's evolution.

However, transitioning to this mission-based setup presented several challenges. The new approach required training and development support to instill the necessary mindset. TeleClinic's core value of continuous learning and development, especially in a fully remote work environment, demanded innovative training solutions. Additionally, product and engineering bottlenecks were hindering growth efforts, necessitating a solution to accelerate their growth strategy. Reforge, known for its expertise in growth transformation, emerged as the perfect choice.

Solution and Results

TeleClinic's adoption of Reforge had a profound impact on their growth strategies. They conducted a thorough examination of how they defined user cohorts and activation moments, focusing on retention and engagement strategies. The outcome extended beyond discovering new use cases; it generated several "aha moments" that significantly enhanced growth metrics.

Key among these was the focus on bridging the gap between a patient's first and second treatments, optimizing the patient journey around this moment, and enhancing engagement strategies.

Benedikt said, “Reforge helped us identify our aha moment. We optimized our whole product journey, patient journey on this aha moment and on the other hand, we could enable a new engagement journey, which is particularly important for a product like ours!”

Bridging the gap between visits

TeleClinic's team consumed Reforge asynchronously, utilizing templates to apply the learnings to their work and bring in TeleClinic-specific data.

They also held weekly meetings to discuss learnings and optimize retention. Reforge's impact on TeleClinic's growth strategy was measurable. The company experienced an increase in new and returning patients and a significant reduction in marketing costs, thanks to the integration of environmental triggers.

Measuring Reforge's Impact

Benedikt highlighted several indicators of Reforge's impact on TeleClinic. Notably, the consistent and year-long usage of Reforge within the company demonstrated its value. The growing number of colleagues using Reforge indicated its integration into daily work culture. Reforge became the primary platform for addressing questions or seeking input, reinforcing its importance.

TeleClinic's plans to onboard new colleagues onto Reforge showed their confidence and satisfaction with the platform. The impact extended beyond usage metrics; it improved the quality of learning content and the platform structure. Reforge's asynchronous learning aligned perfectly with TeleClinic's commitment to continuous learning and development.

Furthermore, Benedikt noted that the shift towards environmental integrations and partnerships had substantially reduced marketing costs and diversified acquisition sources for new patients.

He said, “Our new patients on our platform are around 80% coming from environment integrations and strong partnerships.”

While the exact cost savings attributable to Reforge may vary, it is clear that the company has diversified its patient acquisition channels, reducing its reliance on traditional paid marketing methods.

Why TeleClinic Recommends Reforge for Teams

TeleClinic wholeheartedly recommends Reforge to peers in their network and calls it a “game-changing” tool. Reforge has played a pivotal role in building a solid foundation of knowledge in growth and product-related areas. It offers long-term value through its ever-evolving content and the ability to apply theoretical input in practical scenarios.

Nicola said, “I think Reforge really enables you to build extremely solid foundations of knowledge that you want to gain or to have, and it also allows you to easily use that because it has very snackable content.”

Overall, Teleclinic’s team summarized Reforge as a game-changing tool that empowers professionals to stay at the forefront of their field while effectively connecting marketing to broader growth strategies.

In partnership with Reforge, TeleClinic GmbH has transformed its growth strategy, optimizing patient acquisition, engagement and retention. The company's transition to a mission-based structure and its commitment to continuous learning and development align perfectly with Reforge's offerings. The impact is evident in the company's growth metrics and reduced reliance on traditional marketing channels, making Reforge an invaluable asset in TeleClinic's mission to provide world-class healthcare anytime, anywhere.

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