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Case Study

How a HubSpot Team Manager Uses Reforge for Team Development

Use cases: Getting better as a team, establishing shared language

Lucy Alexander

Lucy Alexander

Team Manager, New Automation Programs, Hubspot

Key Points:

  1. Alexander used Reforge for structured team development and team building.
  2. Her team improved cross-functional impact and strategic planning abilities.


Alexander leads an automation marketing team at HubSpot. Each quarter, they go through a quarterly planning process where they lay out their ideas and the potential impact of them.

During the quarterly planning process, she noticed that her team's ideas were always strong in terms of focusing on the right KPIs, but they were not consistently connected to the problems their target audience was experiencing.

Alexander is a Reforge power user, and recalled a few modules from Reforge’s Experimentation and Testing program that impacted how she approached her planning and decided to bring this to her team.

Reforge as a Solution

Alexander designed a development day around Reforge’s content to uplevel her team’s strategic planning and problem identification skills.

The team completed some prep work, and during the day they watched recorded modules together, such as Defining a Customer Problem, and participated in discussion with the goal of applying their learnings to their current objectives and customer problems.

In addition to the structure that Reforge provided, they built their day around this template that Alexander built, and filled it out along the way as their discussion and learnings progressed. This structure helped the learning and application flow logically.

Key Results

In retrospect, Alexander reported that Reforge helped her and her team with

  • Breaking goals like revenue retention into smaller component pieces like the success rate or retention rate of using a feature that they could actually influence with a couple of emails.
  • Communication and cross-functional influence.
  • Connecting team-specific problems to the business and customer journey.
  • Mental breakthroughs that unlocked new approaches to old problems.

100% of her team agreed that the selected modules were applicable and that they would like to do another professional development day like this in the future.

Alexander’s team had access to Reforge through an org-wide perk that marketing leadership set up. If you’re interested in equipping your team with the same powerful development content, learn more about Reforge for Teams here.

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