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Case Study

HubSpot Marketing Solves Professional Development with Reforge

Use cases: Investing in the team, employee retention and development, getting better as a team

Chloe Washington

Chloe Washington

Chief of Staff to the CMO, HubSpot

  1. HubSpot Marketing chose Reforge as an org-wide professional development partner.
  2. Reforge has positively impacted career growth and employee retention.
  3. HubSpot’s Marketing Execs value Reforge’s support, quality of content, and accessibility.


After reviewing the team’s feedback, HubSpot Marketing’s leadership knew that career growth and professional development was a top priority for the wider org in 2022.

HubSpot’s Chief of Staff to the CMO, Chloe Washington, prioritized finding a solution that she could trust, and that her team would value. After some research, she ended up introducing Reforge as an available option for anyone on the marketing team that wanted to level up.

Reforge as a Solution

Washington chose Reforge as a solution for a few reasons. Among them:

The quality of the content and support

“It would be hard for us to find a similar external partner as good as Reforge. I don’t know of a competitor that could do the same thing where I could have this engagement, have actual human to human interaction like this. We can talk and interact versus me like signing up on this website and asking marketers to use a credit card to log in. You guys make it easy and engaging.”

Collaborative learning opportunities

“A lot of teams [within marketing] have taken [Reforge] cohorts and done async learning together. The collaboration in this remote and hybrid world was huge, especially as most of the marketing team is remote.”

Freedom for employees to learn about topics outside of marketing

“People felt their freedom to understand and explore [other functions] without a lot of risk. It wasn’t like they had to go try another job or do an internship to get access and exposure to something.”

At this point, HubSpot Marketing has offered Reforge as a perk for a year. In the next section, we’ll review the key results of the offering.

Key Results

One Trusted External Professional Development Partner

Over the first year with Reforge, the HubSpot Marketing team took full advantage of the new resource. A Team Manager wrote, “Reforge has been incredibly instrumental for me and my team this year. I've had multiple team members get tremendous value from the live courses and bring those learnings back to their role, career growth, and broader team.”

Washington feels that it significantly enhanced the wider org’s professional development opportunities. She said, “With Reforge, the team has a new, vetted, and always-on resource for professional development that has helped boost engagement and collaboration.”

Impacting and Improving Employee Retention

Additionally, Washington believes that Reforge positively impacts employee retention. She said, “I think that it’s helping so much with employee retention. "When people see a company listening to their concerns, making changes based on their feedback, and investing in them, they're more likely to stay at that organization because they see growth opportunities. "

Content is Worth Investing Time In

Finally, there has not been one complaint from the wider team about the quality of the content. Washington explains “Marketers are quite honest with me about what they don’t like. I haven’t heard from one person that Reforge wasn’t worth their time. The only complaint I hear about Reforge is me not giving the team access fast enough.”

Feedback from the Wider Marketing Team

In addition to Washington’s insights, we heard the following from the wider marketing team:

  • “Through Reforge, I was able to learn the greater dynamics of growth marketing and am now able to approach my work with more perspective. I also have a better understanding of the impact my role has on our team's overall marketing strategy and can better communicate with other stakeholders. I recommend Reforge courses to anyone who will hear it! Thanks for making me a better marketer.” Marketing Manager
  • “Reforge gave me a great foundational knowledge of growth; the channels, models, applications etc. which helps me when working on cross-functional projects.” Head of Intl Marketing
  • “Reforge was part of the equation that helped me to become equipped to lead the Relaunch of our Experimentation Program.” Sr. Marketing Manager

If you’re interested in investing in solving professional development for your org or company at a similar scale, learn more about Reforge for Teams here.

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