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Reforge Artifacts

Never Start from Scratch

For years Reforge courses have unlocked expertise from top tier builders. Today we are expanding on that by launching the Reforge artifacts product free to everyone.

With Reforge artifacts, you’ll never have to start from scratch again. Access the real work from those who have done it before, so you can get ahead on yours.

With Reforge artifacts you can:

  • Discover artifacts relevant to what you are working on.
  • Access the insights and story behind the artifact with notes from the creator.
  • Save artifacts for you and your team.
  • Remix (or should we say Reforge?) artifacts to create your own version.

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Here are some examples:

We call these artifacts of work. An artifact is anything you’ve created in your job. And you know we create a lot!

New features, experiments, strategies, landing pages, analyses, hiring processes, campaigns, and so much more.

Here’s what some of the early users are saying:

“This is insane. I mean I don’t even know what to tell you. I always wanted to have this possibility to look at how the best Product Managers actually did their job. It’s way beyond what I thought was possible to get to see.”

"I read this and I was like, 'Yes. This is exactly what we need.' I showed it to my fellow Director of Product and he also had the same reaction as me."

"Compared to Google or even ChatGPT, Artifacts feels like it's coming from people that have actually tried it out and have seen it's ups and downs."

You can learn more about artifacts in this post.

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Want to be a Reforge artifact contributor?

If you are interested in being featured as an early contributor to Reforge artifacts, go here.

We've updated our terms of service to incorporate the new functionality around Reforge artifacts. We've outlined how Reforge artifacts can be used for free, but artifact owners retain ownership over their work. You can see the updated terms of service here.