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Announcing Our New Pricing and Teams Product

When we started Reforge in 2015, we built it mainly to help individual members unlock step change growth in their careers. We helped businesses by helping those individuals.

We continue to be fiercely dedicated to the mission of helping individuals do the best work of their careers. But over time, we’ve increasingly seen our members join as teams. In fact, over half of our current members are on team accounts.

When we interviewed our community to get the story behind this trend, one thing became clear; members get more value from Reforge when they consume it as a team.

You might ask “why?”

Members highlighted four main benefits from Reforge for Teams:

Develop shared language and frameworks

During periods of fast growth, teams hire quickly from all different places. Teams use Reforge to align cross-functional or new team members around vetted and frontier concepts for approaching growth, product strategy, retention, and more. This helps teams get and stay on the same page, and have better odds of building the right thing.

CPO - DevOps Platform on Unified Frameworks
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Standardize onboarding and shorten ramp times

Teams use Reforge to help ramp up new hires, new leaders, and internal movers. For example, we’ve seen product leaders require all new PMs to take our Product Management Foundations program during their onboarding. This ensures consistent competencies across job levels and makes training more efficient.

Director of Product - Automation Tool on Training and Onboarding
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Never start from scratch

It’s unnecessary to start from scratch on most projects, and Reforge provides teams with trusted resources to help go from zero to one. Less time spent reinventing the wheel, more time building the right thing.

Director of Product Strategy - Online Marketplace Company on Not Reinventing
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Engage and retain top talent

Teams use Reforge to equip top performers with resources to help them grow their skill sets and careers, which leads to improved employee engagement and retention.

Sr. Product Manager - Digital Media Company on Retention
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Ultimately, it boils down to a single truth: very few problems at work are solved alone.

Paul Scharf, CTO of Toggl, illustrates these points in the moment he realized Reforge would have more impact as a team:

Because of this, we have reevaluated our product and pricing structure to better accommodate the needs of teams, while continuing to deliver a world class experience for our individual members.

The New Reforge for Teams

In line with our commitment to helping teams drive more impact in their work, and to decrease the time it takes for teams to realize the main benefits of using Reforge together, we’ve rolled out the following features:

Custom Collections

Teams can now curate personal or shared collections by mixing and matching content from across Reforge. This allows teams to create custom learning paths that are specifically tailored to their business or use case. For example, a product leader can curate a relevant onboarding curriculum for new Associate Product Managers joining the team.

Bookmarking and Commenting for Teams

Our content is extensive and we know sometimes our members want to point colleagues to an exact point in a lesson or save a framework for future use. Now members can highlight text to bookmark key insights or tag in their colleagues to ask questions, share insights or engage in discussions. This helps teams rally around concepts and establish shared language.

Team Engagement Reporting

Reforge Team Admins can now track and measure their team’s engagement over time, enabling valuable insights into what others are learning and where teams have more opportunity to up-level together.

These features work in harmony to help teams craft their learning and development experiences end to end. Members can start with our pre-built programs and frameworks, tag their colleagues into the most relevant insights, curate their favorite lessons into Collections to share, and track learning progress at the individual and team levels.

To see how the Reforge Teams features work together, or how they can tailor the Reforge learning and development experience to your business, our team is happy to work with you directly.

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Introducing our New Pricing and Packaging

Today, we are introducing a superior pricing structure for teams.

Pricing Grid

The updated pricing model will enable teams to:

  • Access the Reforge content library much more affordably - teams can pair broader async access to Reforge with world-class live experiences to create a complete learning and development solution.
  • Centralize billing for the account, and decrease the administrative burden of adding new team members.
  • Scale Reforge investment with demand. Cohort passes (outside of those included in the plan) are priced separately, so you can add more as you need them.

View Pricing Page for More Details

What Does This Mean for Individual Members?

A high-performing team is a collection of high-performing individuals. The individual Reforge experience will not be sacrificed because of these changes for Teams. It is specifically worth noting that we will still run our classic Live Cohort in the Fall, and are introducing two new programs: Product-Led Growth and Marketing Technology.

There are two things changing about the individual membership:

  • New Individual Members: Will be able to access 1 cohort pass in the $1,995 membership cost, instead of the current 2 cohort passes.
  • Renewing Individual Members: Will have the choice to pay just for on-demand access to the full content library and community, and only pay for live cohorts that you are confident you have time to invest in and attend.

Given the changes, we want to make sure anyone who wants to buy the current individual membership (2 cohorts + membership for $1,995) has the chance to do so. You can purchase your membership by June 23rd, 2023, and we will honor the current pricing for you.*

Get Started

At Reforge, we are committed to continuously improving our platform to meet the evolving needs of our users - both Teams and Individuals.

We can’t wait to show you what else we’ve been working on this year to further our mission of fueling the learning of product and growth teams, and driving growth in your career.

If you have any questions, concerns, or comments, please feel free to contact us at [email protected]

* If you have already been accepted to Reforge, you can purchase in your account. If you have not applied yet, you will need to apply and wait for your acceptance.