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Dani Pavlu
Head of Product Growth at VEED.IO
Previously Ahead of Product, TIER Mobility, VAI, ARGO Trade Solutions, Mailburn
Dani is a seasoned growth leader with over 10 years of experience in startups, scaleups and unicorns such as and He helps companies grow 10x with PLG through activation, retention, a... View more
Berlin, Germany
Head of Product Growth VEED.IO
Sep 2022Present
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Startup Advisor & Mentor
May 2022Present
Ahead of Product
Co-Founder & Product Leadership Coach Ahead of Product
Nov 2021Present
TIER Mobility
Head of Product - Monetization TIER Mobility
Dec 2020Oct 2021
TIER Mobility
Senior Product Manager - Payments and Fraud TIER Mobility
Jan 2020Nov 2020
Chief Product Officer VAI
Sep 2018Nov 2019
ARGO Trade Solutions
Head of Product ARGO Trade Solutions
Sep 2016Apr 2018
Founder and CEO Mailburn
Apr 2014Mar 2017
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