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User Insights for Product Decisions

Learn to make key product decisions based on a deeper understanding of customers.

As a product leader, you will spend the rest of your career making decisions based on user feedback. To make great decisions, just talking to users isn't enough. First, you must carefully define the business decision and understand the evidence needed to make that decision. Then use research methods from this program to gather evidence and synthesize insights into a compelling storyline that guides the organization to the right choices. This is not an intro-to-research course. It's about using research to make great decisions and drive innovation.

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Course Breakdown

Who is this for?

Reforge members who build and launch new products: product managers, engineers, designers, data analysts, and more.

Course Goal

Use research to make great decisions and drive innovation.

Topics Covered

Decision-First Planning

Smart product decisions require smarter customer insights. We’ll start by defining and scoping the product decision, identifying the type of evidence you need, and planning your research approach.

Conversational Research

No matter the decision, you’ll likely need to talk to users. But how you talk to them can vary widely depending on the product decision you need to make. You will learn about different conversational research methods, and how to execute each in a thoughtful and unbiased way.

Testing & Surveys

Informed product decisions require both qualitative and quantitative evidence. You’ll learn how to run usability tests and surveys with depth and precision, when to use each method, and how they map to different product decisions.

Synthesis & Decision-Making

After gathering raw evidence, you need to synthesize it into a compelling storyline. You will learn techniques for synthesis, documentation, and cross-functional communication to help facilitate product decisions.

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