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Retention + Engagement

A deep dive on how to understand, measure, and improve retention through activation, engagement, and resurrection.

Retention determines category leaders. Better retention improves monetization, lowers acquisition costs, increases LTV, and gives you a competitive edge. In Retention + Engagement, you will learn proven frameworks that you can use throughout your career to retain, activate, engage, and resurrect users.

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Course Breakdown

Who is this for?

Product managers, marketers, designers, engineers, data analysts, or other roles associated with retention.

Course Goal

Learn to retain, activate, engage, and resurrect users with proven frameworks.

Topics Covered

Defining + Analyzing Retention

Retention is different for every product. Learn how to define, measure, and analyze retention from first principles for your product.

Activation - Defining, Measuring, and Analyzing

Activation is the first key input into improving retention. You will define your activation moments and metrics, analyze the activation journey, and identify key friction points.

Activation Strategies

Learn the various strategies of how to establish user habits quickly. You will take your analysis from week 2, and build a plan for how to specifically improve activation for various user segments.

Engagement - Defining, Measuring, and Analyzing

Engagement is the second key input into improving retention. You will choose the right engagement strategy for your product, define measurement that aligns to that strategy, and analyze engagement to find new opportunities.

Engagement Strategies

Go deeper into the four strategies that move users from low to high engagement and learn how to combine them to build a compounding growth machine.

Churn Prediction + Resurrection

Define non-activated users vs. dormant users, and learn to identify resurrection opportunities. Identify leading indicators of churn while understanding the true cost of any resurrection attempt.

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