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Product Marketing

Build influence and demonstrate impact by learning how to repeatedly deliver great products to the market successfully.

In this program, we’ll break down each function of product marketing in order to demonstrate how Product Marketing Managers can repeatedly execute successful launches and other go-to-market initiatives to prove their value and build influence within their organizations.

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Course Breakdown

Who is this for?

Experienced product marketing managers in growth-stage tech companies, PMs and Marketers who own some or all of the traditional product marketing portfolio.

Course Goal

Learn how to successfully launch great products, from early product positioning and crafting a robust GTM plan to ensuring that your launch is on track to exceed its target.

Topics Covered

Product Positioning and Messaging

Strong positioning is the foundation of your go-to-market strategy. We’ll discuss how to identify and lean into your product’s differentiation to strike and win the market.

Budgeting and Pricing & Packaging

Products need more than just smart positioning and messaging to succeed. We’ll discuss how to secure and allocate resources in a way to maximize for each launch’s differentiation.

Go-to-Market Strategy and Metrics

We’ll cover how to build a go-to-market strategy that not only aligns cross-functional stakeholders but is also tied to business goals.

Post-Launch Measurement

A product marketer’s work isn’t done with the launch. We’ll discuss how to diagnose and triage post-launch performance to optimize for sustained product growth.

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