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Product-Led Growth

Build a great PLG strategy to escalate users through product tiers and drive growth loops for your B2B org.
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B2B companies often think that PLG only means setting up a free tier for their product, but it’s so much more than that. In this program, we’ll provide you with an overview of how PLG can be deployed strategically as part of your org’s overall growth model, with deep dives on how it can be leveraged to provide positive impact on monetization, activation, and acquisition.


4 weeks • February 22-March 14 • Weekly events on Thursdays at 8:30-10 AM

Meet your host

Hila Qu

Hila is an Executive in Residence at Reforge and former Director of Growth at GitLab, where she helped establish the Product-led growth motion and contributed to the company's successful IPO. Previously, as VP Growth at Acorns, she built a full-funnel growth team and helped scale the user base from 1M to 5M. Hila is currently advising startups looking to unlock the power of product-led growth via strategy, data/experiments, and team.

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Hila Qu

Meet the Creators

Course Breakdown

Who is this for?

Mid-to-senior-level product and marketing practitioners at B2B orgs develop a product-led strategy for driving growth.

Course Goal

Develop a sound and durable PLG strategy for your B2B company.

Topics Covered

B2B Growth Mix

A successful PLG strategy requires a deep understanding of how product-led efforts fit into your organization’s overall growth motion.

PLG Monetization

Great product-led monetization depends on both a strategic approach to your product offerings and a smooth process for delivering customers to sales when necessary.

PLG Activation

Explore how PLG activation for B2B organizations differs from the standard B2C approaches and develop a strategy that sets your PLG motion up for success.

PLG Acquisition

Choose the right tactics to drive acquisition and the right metrics to measure their success.