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Monetization + Pricing

A deep dive on the strategies top tech companies use to improve monetization and pricing.

Those who drive revenue tend to lead companies. Learn to measure, test, and drive increased monetization at your company. This program covers building monetization strategies, getting buy-in, and what systems to implement to drive ongoing revenue growth for both subscription and transactional products.

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Course Breakdown

Who is this for?

Product managers, marketers, designers, engineers, data analysts, and anyone in a business operations, strategic finance, or other role focused on pricing and monetization projects.

Course Goal

Learn to measure, test, and drive increased monetization at your company.

Topics Covered

Define and Measure Your Monetization Strategy

Break down and define your monetization strategy from first principles. Understand how to align your monetization strategy to your use cases, growth model, and business model.

Analyze and Identify Model Opportunities

Your customer base is constantly evolving and shifts to your Monetization model are inevitable. You will learn the analyses you need to identify opportunities to improve your pricing, packaging, and other components of your monetization strategy.

Model Strategies

You will learn the different strategies to improve your monetization model across new pricing metrics, packaging strategies, adding new use cases, vertical strategies, and horizontal strategies.

Analyze and Identify Optimization Improvements

Learn to analyze the metrics that matter and identify opportunities to make game-changing optimizations quickly. Explore the best ways to approach prioritization, conversion flow, and optimization testing around your monetization model.

Optimization Strategies

You will create a roadmap of optimization improvements by deploying strategies such as increasing depth of use cases, moving or adding users to new use cases, creating anti-conversion flows, using incentives, and more.

Executing Monetization Pricing + Changes

Executing monetization changes can be sensitive internally and externally. Learn how the best tech companies validate their hypothesis, drive organizational buy-in, test with live customers, and manage the full rollout.

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