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Marketing Technology

Gain a deep understanding of martech to build resilient, powerful, and flexible martech systems.

The goal of marketing technology (martech) is to support key business functions and help them do their job better and faster. These functions include marketing, product, engineering, and data. However, martech decisionmakers often lack the foundational literacy on the topic to make the best decisions for their business goals. Learning how to do martech right will help leaders build resilient, powerful, and flexible martech systems, which in turn makes their companies more successful. In the end, members will be able to ensure that martech systems are well-designed and martech initiatives receive appropriate prioritization.

Meet the Creator

Course Breakdown

Who is this for?

Marketing and growth leaders who want to better understand and manage their marketing systems. This program also provides guidance for ICs who manage or work closely with martech.

Course Goal

Leverage your martech to empower your key business functions and fuel your company’s success.

Topics Covered

Set Your Stack Up for Success

Conducting a thorough audit of your existing martech capabilities will provide you with a critical understanding of where it’s great and where there’s room for improvement.

Improve Your Martech Stack

To excel at the cross-functional collaboration and strategic decision-making that working with martech requires, it’s critical to have a baseline of sound technical knowledge. Once developed, you’ll learn best practices in vendor selection and critical build vs buy decisions.

Utilizing Martech for Measurement and Performance Evaluation

Learn what data to measure, how to work with messy data, how to measure complex or offline data points, and how to visualize the data to maximize it’s usage in decision making.

Utilizing Martech for Growth Objectives

Understand three highly advanced use cases in Martech, enabling you to optimize your conversion at each step of the funnel.

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