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Growth Series

The most comprehensive overview of the systems and frameworks that form the foundation of successful growth.

You won’t find a program like this online—or even in an MBA program. The Growth Series distills hard-earned insights, frameworks, and systems from tech’s top leaders and delivers decades of career experience in just 6 weeks. From acquisition and retention to user psychology and habit formation, this program draws on real examples from category-defining companies to teach you how to solve difficult growth problems and drive results for your company.

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Course Breakdown

Who is this for?

Product managers, marketers, designers, engineers, data analysts, and more that are new to growth

Course Goal

Master the foundations of growth with an overview of the systems and frameworks needed to be successful

Topics Covered

Retention and Engagement

Retention is the foundation of growth. We’ll define use cases and retention metrics, analyze retention, and scope habit-building strategies.


Once you build a firm foundation, you need a compounding growth strategy. We’ll cover the different types of growth loops, understand which ones work for your product, and build an acquisition strategy.


The third pillar of growth is your monetization strategy. We’ll identify how your monetization strategy is enabling or disabling your growth, how to analyze it, and identify improvements you can make.

Growth Models

We’ll bring the first few weeks together in a qualitative and quantitative growth model to answer the most important question for your team: “How does our product grow?” We’ll use that model to identify opportunities, prioritize efforts, and set goals.

User Psychology

Once you understand how your product grows, you need to understand your customers’ hidden motivations and behavioral triggers that drive their actions. We’ll identify the different emotions, motivations, and friction in a structured and analytical framework.


Growth is about finding the truth of how our product grows and what drives our user’s behaviors. Experiments are your tool to uncover that truth. You will take ideas from previous weeks and structure them into well-formed experiments to implement and execute.

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