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Engineering Management

Become an effective engineering manager who delivers reliable and impactful output.

To succeed as managers, engineering managers must build upon the skills that made them excel as individual contributors. From knowing which trade-offs to make to reducing fire drills, you’ll learn how to effectively manage engineering work, stakeholders, your team, and yourself. This program is designed for tenured, new, or prospective managers, including those at the director level and above.

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Course Breakdown

Who is this for?

Engineering managers, whether tenured, new, or prospective, who are looking to broaden and strengthen their management skills

Course Goal

Lead a team of engineers to deliver high-quality work, drive business impact, and create effective partnerships with product teams

Topics Covered

Managing Engineering Work

Install an engineering production loop to improve your team's functioning over time. Learn how to evaluate and prioritize requests based on impact and team fit.

Managing Stakeholders

Manage stakeholders more effectively. Learn how to build collaboration specs to align and partner with key stakeholders.

Managing Your Team

Learn how to take a long-term view of talent, develop your team effectively, and build team trust.

Managing Yourself

Examine your own career development and define long-term success for yourself.

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