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Data for Product Managers

Unlock your full potential as a product manager by learning to drive impact for the metrics that matter most for your product.

Building a repeatable, data-informed system relies on having the right tools and strategies at your disposal. This program is suited to early-career product managers with access to data who are seeking tools and tactics to be more data-enabled in their strategy. From conducting analysis to communicating your insights effectively, you’ll learn how to drive compounding wins of your resources, without sacrificing efficiency.

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Course Breakdown

Who is this for?

Product managers with access to data at a post-product/market fit company who hope to use data to be more strategic

Course Goal

Improve your strategic decision-making as a PM by being more data-driven

Topics Covered

Altitude Maps

Discover how to build an Altitude Map of your product area. Learn how to use data effectively and identify the right metrics to drive impact.

Instrumentation and Generating Data Insights

Learn how to create an event tracking dictionary. Examine the iterative process required to generate data insights.

Key Analytical Tools

Deepen your understanding of segmentation, relative impact and correlation analysis, and analysis in practice.

Communicating Persuasively and Leveraging Data

Data is essential to decision-making. Learn how to build credibility in your organization by communicating persuasively with data.

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