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Brand Marketing

Uplevel your impact on the world of product and growth with the power of brand marketing.

When it comes to brand marketing, the tide is turning. The most successful tech companies recognize that brand marketing is not optional; it’s a lever capable of shaping business strategy and driving growth. Yet, for most early career brand marketers, developing the necessary skills to succeed in this discipline remains an uphill battle. Learn the systems, tools, and frameworks to deliver impact through brand marketing in the world of product and growth.

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Course Breakdown

Who is this for?

Early-career brand marketers looking to assemble their toolkit for advancing their brand marketing career in tech

Course Goal

Deliver impact through brand marketing in the world of product and growth

Topics Covered

The Impact of Brand Distribution

Learn how to select touchpoints, get buy-in for your brand initiatives, and evaluate the impact of brand initiatives to prove business growth.

Brand Strategy

Develop a brand strategy that will serve as a compass to guide all of your brand marketing efforts.

Brand Identity and Governance

Bring your brand to life by codifying each component of your brand identity.

Managing Brand Marketing

Examine key moments in the life of your brand and determine how to respond in each situation.

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