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Advanced Growth Strategy

A step-by-step system to create, analyze, and communicate a compounding growth strategy.

Advanced Growth Strategy teaches step-by-step how to create a system of compounding growth loops. You'll break down your company’s current growth loops, identify their constraints, and select methods to unlock new growth. This program is recommended for emerging leaders on a lead, director or VP career track.

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Course Breakdown

Who is this for?

Experienced growth leaders and teams building complex systems of compounding growth

Course Goal

Build a holistic growth strategy and identify opportunities to evolve your growth model

Topics Covered

Understanding Different Types of Growth Loops

You will learn the 20+ different types of growth loops, their variations, key execution factors, and how to identify them for all different types of products through modern examples and cases.

Building Your Growth Model

You will answer the question, “How does our product grow?” by building a detailed qualitative growth model that pieces together your current and future growth loops.

Identifying Growth Constraints

Once you have a qualitative growth model, you will identify the point in the model that is constraining growth. You will build a quantitative growth model and use it to analyze your different growth loops, scenarios, and goals.

Improving Your Growth Loops

Learn methods to diagnose problems early at various steps in your loop and unlock the most common constraints. Explore the step-by-step processes used by elite growth leaders to optimize the different levers of growth loops via loop expansion and loop sequencing.

Implementing Your Growth Strategy

Step out of your silo and connect your growth strategy to the larger scope of the business. Learn the best tactics for setting expectations and aligning stakeholders. Gain insights from top leaders on how to build presentations and future qualitative models.

Evolving Your Growth Strategy

As your customer base and business changes, your strategy will need adjusting. But how do you know when to make the change? Learn systems and best practices for evaluating change and identifying constraints, leverage points, and ceilings to your growth.

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