Sample Application Responses

Why Participate?

I want to participate in Reforge to connect and listen to top growth leaders and understand the macro challenges they face with foundational strategies, tech stacks and team structures.  

As a leader on the marketing team it is important that I am able to model a team and budgets to address the "now" all while building a sturdy foundation that can rapidly grow over the years with as little friction (things breaking) as possible.

Top Challenges

- How to separate the growth roadmap from the product roadmap and which strategies and how to structure competencies within the teams to optimize each.
- Funnel optimization, tools, best practices: What works and doesn't work and what tools can be used to improve the funnel flow.
- Better understand channel strategies so I can be a more strategic partner from the product side to the folks who work on that at my company.

Recent Initiatives

1. Launched