Below is a sample of reviews from Reforge alumni.  

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Sarah Payne

Product Manager @ SurveyMonkey

"I've thoroughly enjoyed Reforge. There is no professional association, graduate school program, or alumni network that brings together the quality and concentration of growth leaders the way Reforge has. Reforge is essential for anyone looking to further their career in the field of growth, irrespective of title, experience level, or stage of company. Brian and Andrew have crafted a very well articulated curriculum that is efficient and a worthwhile investment of time. The in-person events, which alone are worth the cost of the program are excellent ways to meet fellow growth practitioners, and the individuals brought in to speak are on the caliber of keynote speakers at top industry conferences. Any company serious about growth should be sponsoring their employees' participation in Reforge."


"The content was excellent. Even though I work on a growth team at Facebook, I still learned new concepts that I implemented right away.

I focus my work specifically on developer growth, and based on the course content, I improved how we build growth loops into our developer acquisition channels. Overall, the course made me adopt a more robust way of instrumenting, logging, and tracking our funnel.

Beyond the content, I met so many growth people through the events - the program is a powerful growth network that I'm excited to be a part of."


George Zeng

Product Manager @ Facebook


Hugh Minson

Sr Product Marketing Manager @ Salesforce

"Thanks to the Reforge Summer Growth Series, I have gained a foundational understanding of one of the newest and yet most valuable areas of understanding to companies: growth. Brian and Andrew have done an incredible job of pooling and delivering knowledge acquired by industry leaders through extremely accessible content. The in-person get-togethers and online community also provide a terrific forum for idea exchange amongst all participants. I highly recommend this course to any individual who is looking to gain wide-spread adoption of their product or service.

"The breadth of the topics and speakers was my favorite part of the Growth Series. The program covered all areas of the funnel and touched on different types of business models. As a growth product manager focused on increasing engagement metrics, I execute on strategies directly related to our product and our particular business model.

The program exposed me to strategies, tactics, and practices for many different growth problems outside of my everyday job, and supplemented the theory with real world examples and insights from growth leaders who have put these tactics in practice. Though I specialize in a particular area now, after completing the program I have a broader understanding of how other businesses do growth.

I recommend this program for anyone who is responsible for growing their business, whether they are in product, engineering, analytics, or marketing. It will give you both insight into the strategies other high-growth companies have used to tackle similar problems, and a good checklist of tactics to consider."


Nancy Phan

Product Manager @ Evernote

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We will be launching additional runs of our programs in Spring 2020.

Our programs are limited and fill up extremely fast. Join our list to get notified of future programs.


Roni Bonjack

Global Lead Startups + Accelerator @ Google

"The quality of the online content is superb, and the other members of my cohort are accomplished, incredibly intelligent and fun. If you are leading growth at your company, a CEO who plans to build out a growth function, or in product or marketing in a growth-related role - this program is a must for you. I came into the program with high expectations, and they were exceeded."

"The program has helped me evolve from relying on a collection of growth tactics to a principled approach rooted in a strong foundation of best practices. The content is incredible - it's thorough and quickly applicable to your business. If there was nothing else but the online portion of the program, even without the events, it would still be stellar."


Shira Gasarch

Principle Product Manager @ Shopkick


Yasmeen Turayhi

Global Product Marketing Lead @ AdRoll

"I enrolled in Reforge with the hopes of learning about growth tactics and strategies from some of the top Growth Marketers in the industry. I ended up with so much more - robust material on all types of growth models, retention loops, virality and content marketing strategies, conversations with top leaders in the space, and access to a top notch network of Growth Marketers and others interested in growing and scaling their products in a crowded marketplace. I found tremendous value in this course and was able to put these strategies into action in real time."

"Reforge has easily been one of the best investments of time and money I've ever made in my professional development. I love how the course codifies what I've been doing for the last four years as VP of Marketing at an early stage startup, turning it into a science.

What I've learned has helped me be more systematic and analytical in my work, so that I'm not just throwing stuff at the wall, and moving on to the next thing, with only anecdotal lessons learned."


Jason Hubbard

Former VP Marketing @ Cirrus Insight


Kadir Annamalai

Product @ Teespring

"Reforge did a great job creating a framework around growth concepts that you read about in a lot of different places, but normally have a hard time applying to your current task at hand. I saw the lessons as immediately applicable. Furthermore, having the opportunity to ask questions that I was dealing with directly to experts in the field in intimate settings was something that I found valuable and is really hard to replicate."

"Reforge helped me think about growth in a systematic, strategic way, taking what could be an overwhelming problem and turning it into digestible pieces that I can approach with intention. The course is well thought out - the lectures, the discussions, the events - and the participants (in addition to the instructors - thanks Brian and Andrew!) were great to learn from. I look forward to continuing to learn from the Reforge alums even as this course comes to an end. I'd highly recommend this to any professional working in growth, whether you are newer to growth and want to strengthen the fundamentals or seasoned but want to learn from the experiences of your classmates."



Heidi Kim

Sr. Product Manager @ ZestFinance


Mallika Narain

Paid Acquisition Manager @ Segment

"Reforge was a fantastic program for me for a few reasons: first, it helped introduce me to a community of Paid Acquisition Managers at other start-ups and tech companies, allowing me to learn from and exchange my ideas with other people doing cutting edge things in ad tech. It also gave me a broad understanding of Growth across multiple channels and business goals, and as a new member on Segment's Growth team, this provided a crucial impact on my day-to-day work - I was able to contribute ideas at work around experimentation frameworks, growth models and across elements of the marketing funnel. I've met inspiring growth leaders and a community of people that I will definitely keep in touch with in coming years."

"The content in this course is exceptional. Some of the concepts are available in different places online but there's nothing this in-depth anywhere else. It's immediately applicable to products in a bunch of different verticals, and I've already had a chance to start using what I've learned. I built a growth model for our product and started running split tests around our retention loops and onboarding. What I'm learning is already making a huge impact on how we approach growth efforts at my company."


Max Scholten

Data Scientist @ Circle


Rachel Barge

Product Marketing @ A3 Labs

"What you take away from Reforge are paradigms, principles, and processes you can take with you to any company, to solve any problem. Whether you're a tiny startup or a large player, the approaches you learn can be adapted for your unique situation. So much of the thought leadership in the growth space is a flurry of tactics and one-off success stories. This causes people to think in tactics and hacks, not strategic approaches. Reforge and its contributors are the best thinkers in the industry, and have created a professional accelerator for growth leaders that is unparalleled. As someone who thought I was too busy for continued professional learning, I can honestly say it dramatically altered my trajectory and I can't recommend it highly enough."


"The quality of the program is truly top-notch. I’m genuinely excited every time I see an email from Brian hit my inbox. The framework that the class follows is excellent for both seasoned veterans and newbies looking to organize their growth efforts.

Typically, in a class this broad the depth would be lacking, however, I am pleasantly surprised that there is enough tactical application for me to internalize and act upon the learnings in a meaningful way. It’s the perfect balance of theory, strategy, planning, and specific applications.

At Breathometer, we’ve been building towards a new product launch and Reforge has challenged me to revisit some of the ‘truths’ we thought we knew regarding our potential audience and strategies to sell our product. More than anything else, I’m excited to start the sales of this product with a platform to quickly run experiments.

For anyone looking to expand their horizons and accelerate their potential in the growth space, there isn’t a better place to go."



Kevin O'Leary

Sr Dir of Marketing @ Breathometer


Jeff Betts

Product Manager @ Stitch Labs

"Reforge has been great! The extensive course content provided the foundation for insightful conversations about growth models and the challenges different businesses and products face. The opportunity to learn from leaders and emerging thinkers in the growth space has significantly evolved my day to day approach, and will continue to resonate into future opportunities. Plus, I had a ton of fun each week at the meet ups with onsite interviews and made new friendships that extended beyond the class."

"The quality of the class content in the course is incredible. With all the blog content out there on growth, I wasn't expecting this to be as clear, focused and actionable as it is. Given the stage that Vango is in, the learnings were actionable and we made implementations immediately to our growth model and process. We rebuilt our growth model, implemented a new growth process, and are currently restructuring our acquisition strategy based on the last two classes. Learnings from this class have fundamentally changed our approach to building/prioritizing product.

I also think the in-person events are an incredibly helpful component to the classes. Hearing how really experienced growth practitioners have implemented these concepts into large companies, gives awesome perspective in thinking about what practices we should focus on."


Tim Dalrymple

Growth and Performance Marketing @ Vango


Tony Xiao

Mobile Growth @ Segment

"Reforge was eye-opening. There were many things I thought I knew, but did not really know (growth models), and there were many things I did not expect at all (Uber's product team reports to growth team) that I learned. The best part though was the really awesome, growth-minded people I met and the incredible community I was part of. The only thing I regret was not being able to spend more time on the materials and discussions. Next time I would make a strong pitch to my management to let me spend the entire summer really digging into and applying the materials at Reforge!"


"Honestly, Reforge was hands down the best educational program I have done. Already putting a lot of things into practice and building Singapore's first growth team."


Kiyan Foroughi

Head of Growth @ HappyFresh


"I loved the academic-meets-practical nature of the Growth Series. Reforge has given me and several colleagues shared theory, shared language, and shared models to utilize as we move our mission and products forward."

Michaela Smiley

Global Marketing @ Mozilla

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We will be launching additional runs of our programs in Spring 2020.

Our programs are limited and fill up extremely fast. Join our list to get notified of future programs.