Open Positions

To apply to any open position, send us an email at [email protected] with three things:  1 - Link to your LinkedIn profile  2 - Which role you are interested in  3 - Links/attachments to previous work examples.

Growth Marketer, Funnel Optimization

Reforge Mission

At Reforge, our mission is to help experienced professionals fulfill their potential.  Professional development and masters level education is a lifelong endeavor but there is a growing gap of what professionals want/need and the existing options available.  We aim to redefine masters level education by providing our members:

  • Highly relevant, applicable, and engaging knowledge.
  • Meaningful relationships with other experienced practitioners.
  • Examples, inspiration, and anecdotes from the world’s top practicing leaders.

We’ve built a community of experienced professionals from leading technology companies such as Google, LinkedIn, Facebook, Uber, HubSpot, Atlassian, and many more.  Here are just a couple examples of the impact that Reforge has had for members:

“I got my MBA at Berkeley, but this program has been more transformational for me then the entire two years I spent there.  Thank you!”
“Reforge is easily the highest quality professional skills program out there. If I had to choose between attending an unlimited number of industry conferences, versus going only to the Reforge, I'd choose Reforge without hesitation.”
“Reforge has easily been one of the best investments of time and money I've ever made in my professional development. I love how the course codifies what I've been doing for the last four years as VP of Marketing.”

Content isn’t just a sideshow to us, it is at the core of our business.  Our goal is to build the most talented team of content professionals in the industry that will help define the future of the company.  We are a profitable company led by experienced entrepreneurs such as Brian Balfour (2X venture backed founder, former VP Growth @ HubSpot) and advisors such as Andrew Chen (Uber), Noah Kagan (Sumo, Mint, Facebook) and Russell Glass (Founder of Bizo, Acq by LinkedIn).