Sample Schedule

The Reforge Growth Series is a selective 8-week part time program to help you accelerate your career and company by developing a systematic approach to thinking about, acting on, and solving growth problems.  The program is for both B2C and B2B practitioners and can be done from any location.

The series is led by actual practitioners Brian Balfour (formerly VP Growth @ HubSpot) and co-hosted by Andrew Chen (Growth @ Uber). The program features top growth leaders from companies including Google, Dropbox, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Atlassian, Slack and others.

You will learn actionable frameworks, be inspired with real stories and examples, and build meaningful relationships with other top growth practitioners. Reforge Alumni have brought growth learnings back to work at Google, LinkedIn, Facebook, Dropbox, Airbnb, Evernote, Soundcloud, and other high-impact companies.

All businesses are unique, but everyone faces similar growth challenges. The difference between those who succeed and those who fail is how they approach those challenges.      

Below is a sample schedule, based on the Spring 2018 Growth Series. Some speakers and topics will change.

Laying The Groundwork

We'll kick the program off with an opening event for all program attendees. You'll connect with other growth practitioners and get a taste of the upcoming 8 weeks.

Week 1



Growth Models

Your growth model is one of two key tools that form your product's growth strategy. It describes how you grow end-to-end in both a qualitative and quantitative manner. 

You will learn how to construct a growth model for your product, how to use it form the foundation of your strategy, and how to use it to identify and prioritize growth opportunities.

Growth Leader Interviews:  Andy Johns - VP Growth/Product @ Wealthfront and Fareed Mosavat Growth @ Slack, Formerly Instacart, Zynga

Week 2


user Psychology

Your user and customer psychology is the second key tool to form your growth strategy.

Your user psychology is essential to understanding what will drive your users/customers. You will learn a key user psychology framework to apply to your product.  

Growth Leader Interview: Fareed Mosavat Growth @ Slack, Formerly Instacart, Zynga

Week 3


There are always a million things to do – how do you prioritize what product changes and acquisition initiatives will contribute to growth?

Learn the step by step process on how to think about and prioritize growth initiatives, built on the growth model from week one. Additionally, learn why a growth roadmap often has to be separated from a product roadmap, and why the traits that make you successful at one often don’t translate to the other.

Finally, learn emerging best practices for leading and building a team that will understand and expertly operate against a growth objective.

Growth Leader Interviews: Shaun Clowes Dir Growth @ Atlassian and Adam Fishman VP Growth @ Patreon

Week 4


retention and engagement

Before acquisition comes retention. You have to retain and engage people, otherwise, your acquisition efforts will crash.  We’ll discuss why retention is so important, how to analyze retention, and how to improve retention. 

Growth Leader Interviews: Shaun Clowes, Dir Growth @ Atlassian and Casey Winters, Formerly Growth @ Pinterest

Week 5

Acquisition Channel strategy

Every growth model is built on an existing, larger platform, but successful growth also depends on identifying and maximizing new channels and platforms.

We'll learn about the limited ways to scale and how to identify and prioritize new channels and platforms. To put it into practice, we’ll look at some case studies for how platforms such as display ads, Facebook apps, and push notifications have fared over the years. 

Growth Leader Interviews: Casey Winters, Formerly Growth @ Pinterest and Nick Soman, Growth @ Gusto

Week 6

Virality and network effects

The biggest consumer and SaaS companies of the last decade have been built without spending a dime on acquisition. Instead, their growth has been driven by viral marketing. But, a systematic approach to virality is rare in the industry.

See how viral loops are built on top of new platforms, and how key metrics like viral factor are calculated.

Growth Leader Interviews: Nick Soman, Head of Growth @ Gusto, Gustaf Alstromer, Growth @ Airbnb, and James Currier, Managing Partner @ NFX Guild

week 7


As acquisition channels become more competitive, those with the best monetization strategies win.  

Learn how monetization affects all parts of growth, the three layers of monetization, and how to improve each layer.  

Growth Leader Interview: Elena Verna, SVP Growth @ Malwarebytes, Former SurveyMonkey

week 8

Program closes

Our program wraps.

End of week 8


Here are just a few reviews of the program from Reforge Alumni.




"I strongly, as strongly as possible, encourage product managers in Growth roles to apply for Reforge. This program is the holy grail for Growth professionals who may be one of the few members of their organization tackling growth models and AB testing. With Reforge you find your peer set who share best practices and insights onto the responsibilities and goals of their Growth teams. In addition, the robust online content puts structure around the many concepts floating around tech companies and blogs on what Growth actually entails! I can’t thank the team enough for building such a comprehensive program – Reforge shaped the foundation of how I will approach the Growth team at SurveyMonkey."




"The content was excellent. Even though I work on a growth team at Facebook, I still learned new concepts that I implemented right away. 

I focus my work specifically on developer growth, and based on the course content, I improved how we build growth loops into our developer acquisition channels. Overall, the course made me adopt a more robust way of instrumenting, logging, and tracking our funnel. 

Beyond the content, I met so many growth people through the events - the program is a powerful growth network that I'm excited to be a part of."




"Reforge has easily been one of the best investments of time and money I've ever made in my professional development. I love how the course codifies what I've been doing for the last four years as VP of Marketing at an early stage startup, turning it into a science.

What I've learned has helped me be more systematic and analytical in my work, so that I'm not just throwing stuff at the wall, and moving on to the next thing, with only anecdotal lessons learned."




"Thanks to the Reforge Summer Growth Series, I have gained a foundational understanding of one of the newest and yet most valuable areas of understanding to companies: growth. Brian and Andrew have done an incredible job of pooling and delivering knowledge acquired by industry leaders through extremely accessible content. The in-person get-togethers and online community also provide a terrific forum for idea exchange amongst all participants. I highly recommend this course to any individual who is looking to gain widespread adoption of their product or service."