Error Logging In

After you have paid for a Reforge program, to access the online materials you have to login to with your LinkedIn account. If you receive an error message saying you don't have access to any programs, please use the following steps to ensure you have access to your account:

  • If you purchased a membership to an in-person program, there is a special link that was sent to you that allows you to sign into your account. Please use that link in order to sign in successfully. Note: do not share this link with others, it is just for your account.

  • If you no longer have that email, check to see that the email address associated with your LinkedIn account matches the email address we have on file at Reforge. For example, if the email address associated with your LinkedIn account is [email protected] but you applied to a Reforge program with [email protected], we are unaware that these two email addresses are for the same person. To fix this, email [email protected] and we'll update it on our end.

Why Is LinkedIn Login Required?

We require that our participants login with LinkedIn so that we can ensure they are who they say they are. Additionally, it is a mechanism to ensure that others are not sharing their accounts with others.

We only have access to your name, email address, and headline from LinkedIn. We aren't using this information for any purposes other than verifying the identify of our participants.