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Technical Strategy

Go beyond executing strategy and gain tools to shape strategy, educate peers, and guide the product roadmap to deliver business impact.

Gain a practical toolkit to develop and strengthen your strategic thinking so you can drive more impact. Learn how to define a technical strategy, optimize it based on company context, assess strategic trade-offs more effectively, and ultimately execute strategically and ensure your technical team is best supporting the company strategy.

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Course Breakdown

Who is this for?

Engineering managers and senior ICs who work on digital products at companies that have established PMF.

Course Goal

Gain a practical toolkit to develop and strengthen your strategic thinking so you can drive more impact

Topics Covered

The Technical Strategy Portfolio

You will learn The Types of Engineering Work framework, which will help you assess your own portfolio, communicate the value of work across critical stakeholders, and negotiate time and resources for scale more effectively.

Company and Technical Strategy Calibration

Learn how to connect cross-company strategies like acquisition, monetization, and finance to your technical decisions. Learn how different company archetypes approach funding, financial objectives, and resource allocation, all of which will impact your technical strategy and portfolio of work.

Strategic Technical Trade-offs

Learn how to participate more effectively in early-stage strategy discussions by generating better ideas for technical solutions and improving your abilities to analyze long-term technical trade-offs.

Strategic Execution

Learn how to manage tech debt systematically and strategically, while delivering customer value continuously. Gain practical tools to help you best sequence work to prioritize customer value, leverage shorter iteration cycles, and define clear milestones around what really matters.

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