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Product Management Foundations

Build a foundational understanding of the product manager role, and learn the tools required to succeed as a product manager.

What separates good PMs from great PMs is a solid foundation to build on. This program sets you up for a high-growth trajectory as a PM by teaching you how to become an independent operator. It introduces you to valuable tools and processes needed to own products end-to-end, and get proactive buy-in from peers and leaders.

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Course Breakdown

Who is this for?

APMs, early career PMs, or marketers/designers/engineers who are making a switch to Product Management.

Course Goal

Learn the tools required to succeed as a product manager.

Topics Covered

Identifying The Opportunities That Create Value

Learn the three parts of a great product opportunity - strategic fit, customer value, and business impact, and walk through tools to identify and validate them.

Designing Features

Define constraints for your feature/solution based on a validated opportunity, collaborate with design to brainstorm on possible solutions, and leverage user research to arrive at a high-fidelity prototype of what you're going to build. You will also learn how to run a design review to ensure alignment before development.

Develop Product Features

Learn how to define milestones and sequence work to meet business/customer goals, while de-risking future work and learning from each development cycle. You'll also learn how to identify and partner with engineering, design, and other stakeholders through the development process.

Launching & Learning

Learn best practices for launches and how best to work with customer-facing teams to ensure your feature is marketed and adopted. You'll also get a comprehensive overview of the tools needed for effective launches, such as defining success metrics, how to analyze feature performance, and how to communicate learnings.

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