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Growth Marketing

Build and evolve a growth marketing strategy across a diverse portfolio of channels and strategies to drive meaningful outcomes in your growth model.

Many growth marketers begin their careers in roles with a narrower scope, encompassing just a few of the components that make up growth marketing. For example, some start out by owning just one channel like email, leading cross-channel paid strategy, or focused on one objective like acquisition. Yet, driving the most impact out of your growth model requires the ability to leverage a diverse portfolio of channels, campaigns, strategies, and tactics. Learn how to stand up and develop a growth marketing strategy to achieve next-level outcomes for your business. If you took Marketing Strategy between Fall 2020 and Fall 2021, we recommend that you enroll in a different program because the program content will be similar to what you completed already.

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Course Breakdown

Who is this for?

IC channel owners, managers and early career leaders looking to strengthen their growth marketing portfolio

Course Goal

Build and evolve a multi-channel growth marketing strategy that drives acquisition, retention, and engagement

Topics Covered

Evaluate Channels

Learn frameworks to evaluate key growth marketing channels. We'll dive into channel attributes, emerging channels, and how to scale new channels.

Prioritize and Invest

Where should you focus your efforts? We've assembled approaches to prioritize your marketing portfolio and build your investment strategy.

Metrics and Measurement

Deepen your understanding of how to define the right metrics to optimize growth outcomes. We'll build a plan to measure performance of your marketing strategies.

Strategy and Optimization

Build your lifecycle strategy and optimize your paid acquisition portfolio to drive outcomes more effectively in the growth model.

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