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Growth Leadership

Being a growth leader is more than executing growth strategy. Develop skills to manage your team, goals, and career.

As a growth leader, you know that growth varies company to company. Tactics that worked at one place don’t work at another. You can’t just hire people with experience in “growth” and expect them to create an all-star team. Instead, you need to orient your strategic decisions around your company’s growth motions. Learn what it means to organize and operate a team, manage growth goals, and plan your own career with growth motions as a guiding principle.

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Course Breakdown

Who is this for?

Current growth leaders or aspirational growth leaders.

Course Goal

Drive more impact as a growth leader.

Topics Covered

Planning Your Growth Career

Think of your career as a growth opportunity. We’ll cover how you can grow, how you can evaluate new opportunities, and how to be successful quickly in a new role.

Balancing Growth Goals

You don’t want to be accountable for every KPI at your company, but you need to be accountable for the right ones to drive impact. Learn how to share growth goals successfully.

Organizing a Growth Team

We’ll talk about how to build a growth team that addresses your company’s unique growth problems and operates collaboratively with cross-functional teams.

Expanding a Growth Team

We’ll cover advocating for new roles, creating job descriptions, and interviewing and hiring the right people for your scaling growth team.

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