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Finding Product/ Market Fit

Getting to product/market fit isn’t a straight path. Learn a systematic approach to iteration and idea validation to realize your goal.

The most important journey any product goes through is finding product/market fit. Unfortunately, prevailing methodologies struggle to consistently produce successful startups, and gloss over critical elements of the process. Learn to improve your odds of finding product/market fit using the Deliberate Startup methodology, a comprehensive approach that focuses on the steps needed to build a successful product.

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Course Breakdown

Who is this for?

Product builders—including product managers, engineers, marketers, and designers on product teams—working on new product innovation across early-stage startups and established organizations

Course Goal

Learn the science of iterating on and validating ideas to systematically get to product/market fit

Topics Covered

Defining the Product/Market Fit Narrative

Define your product/market fit narrative with the six key dimensions of your product strategy as your first step to finding product/market fit.

Validating Riskiest Hypotheses

Apply both broad and targeted validation techniques to identify, prioritize, and validate the riskiest elements of your product strategy.

Measuring Product/Market Fit

Determine the right metrics to assess whether you’ve achieved product/market fit in order to avoid premature scaling—one of the top reasons new products fail.

Growing Users

Set initial traction goals and discover the most commonly used channels for achieving these goals. Get on the right path to finding a source of sustainable growth.

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