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Experimentation + Testing

A deep dive into creating and executing a strategic experimentation system for breakthrough ideas.

Go beyond A/B testing to build an experimentation system that produces wins, not random data points. Drawing on the methods used to grow companies like Slack, Instacart, SurveyMonkey, MongoDB, and more, this program focuses on building a strategic system of experimentation. You will learn how to identify strategic opportunities, create step-function ideas, and test them with high velocity and precision.

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Course Breakdown

Who is this for?

Product managers, marketers, designers, engineers, data analysts, and other growth team members who want to build high-velocity experimentation systems

Course Goal

Create a strategic experimentation system for breakthrough ideas and run high-quality experiments

Topics Covered

Experimentation Strategy

Great experimentation starts with identifying a strategic opportunity. You will define and scope an opportunity by piecing together user insights, data insights, and business insights.

Solution Ideation

Once we have a strategic opportunity, we need to generate ideas targeted at that opportunity. You will learn the spectrum of solution ideation from optimizations to innovations and then evaluate and prioritize the ideas.

The Science of Testing and Preparing Tests

Experimentation is based on a foundation of statistics. You will learn the applicable statistics you need to know to scope, prioritize, and analyze tests properly for both a/b and Bayesian tests. You will then learn how to create a test by crafting a hypothesis, simplifying build complexity, assigning users, and deploying a simultaneous vs sequential test.

Analyzing Test Results

Good tests are nothing without proper analysis. You will learn how to monitor test data, methods to call a test, analyze the test outcome, and then build a plan to iterate on wins and losses.

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