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Design and Build Conversational AI

Learn how to identify the right use cases, design a delightful user experience and determine return on investment for Conversational AI products.

Hosted by Polly Allen & Rupa Chaturvedi


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Who is this course for?

This course is for experienced product managers and UX designers at companies that are trying to understand if they need to invest in AI and how. This course is not for people at AI-technology companies nor is it for engineers working on AI solutions.

What you’ll do:

- Determine if conversational AI is a good fit for your product or feature
- Learn the key design principles for conversational AI experiences
- Design and test mockups, and build a working prototype
- Determine when you need to build your own AI models versus use 3rd party tools

Live Events

Mondays, January 22nd, 29th, and February 5th at 9-10:30 AM PT


3 weeks, starting January 22nd

Examples from

Amazon/Alexa, Instacart, Expedia/, ChatGPT and OpenAI APIs, Voiceflow

Meet your Hosts

Polly Allen

Polly Allen

As a Principal Product Manager (Technical) with Alexa AI, Polly led the development and launch of the first Generative AI answers on Alexa in 2019. She has over 20 years experience as a developer and technical product leader, was named a Top 100 Women of the Future for 2023, is an active angel investor and keynote speaker.

Rupa Chaturvedi

Rupa Chaturvedi

Rupa is a Product and UX Design Leader working at the intersection of human-centered design and emerging technologies such as Artificial Intelligence, Computer Vision, Augmented Reality and Conversational AI. She’s worked with unicorn AI startups like Sentient Technologies as well as large organizations such as Amazon, Google, and Samsung.

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Design and Build Conversational AI

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