Product Strategy & Development Lead

(San Francisco or Remote within U.S.)

About This Role

The Product Strategy & Development Lead role is an opportunity for a deep analytical thinker to spend their days digging into the minds of the world's top tech leaders (including Slack, Uber, Pinterest, Atlassian, HubSpot, LinkedIn, and more) , get an inside look at the strategies of the fastest growing companies, and plug into a network of top performers. As part of this role, you will lead the development of new Reforge professional education programs and contribute to the strategic direction of the overall company.

You'll be joining as part of the foundational team of a profitable proven startup, doubling seven figure revenue year over year, that is led by experienced entrepreneurs. In addition, you will be integrated into our community of subject matter experts include the leaders behind building companies like Slack, Pinterest, CreditKarma, ClassPass, ipsy, Eventbrite, SurveyMonkey, Thumbtack, and more.

Reforge was founded by Brian Balfour (former VP Growth @ HubSpot, 3X venture backed founder) and includes key advisors (Andrew Chen, Managing Partner @ Andreesen Horowitz, former growth @ Uber) and Russell Glass (Former founder/CEO Bizo - acquired by LinkedIn). We are based in San Francisco, but welcome remote team members based in the US. We offer competitive salary, benefits, flexible vacation, minimal travel requirement, continuing education support and more.

About reforge

Our professional world is changing faster than ever. This accelerating change creates more opportunity, but how we as professionals capture this opportunity is lagging far behind. Professional development and masters level education is a lifelong endeavor, however there is a growing gap of what professionals want/need and the existing options available.

Reforge develops professional development programs for top performers. We work with the leaders of the fastest growing and most innovative companies such as Uber, Pinterest, Atlassian, and HubSpot to teach frontier topics to today's emerging leaders. Our programs focus on:

  • Results over certifications

  • Going deep, rather than skimming the surface

  • Continuous learning, over static expertise

In just a couple of years, we've built a thriving community of emerging leaders solving problems at Airbnb, LinkedIn, Salesforce, Amazon, Facebook, New York Times, Peloton, Stitch Fix, and many more. Here are just a few comments from our alums:

“I got my MBA at Berkeley, but this program has been more transformational for me then the entire two years I spent there. Thank you!”

“Reforge has easily been one of the best investments of time and money I've ever made in my professional development. I love how the course codifies what I've been doing for the last four years as VP of Marketing.”

“Reforge is easily the highest quality professional skills program out there. If I had to choose between attending an unlimited number of industry conferences, versus going only to the Reforge, I'd choose Reforge without hesitation.”


  • Inside View Of Tech - The role is an interesting way to get an inside view of strategies from leading tech companies. You will get to learn from the leaders, see across multiple companies, and become the knowledge expert in some frontier areas in a very short period of time.

  • Reforge Network - The role will be plugged into both our community of experts (VP's at top tech companies) and the Reforge alum community (PM's → VP's in Series B to public software companies).

  • Build A Product - The role is a good opportunity to leverage the skillsets built in management consulting, biz ops, or other related roles in a way that builds a product that will be sold to end consumers. You will directly be responsible for driving revenue of the business.

  • Strategy + Execution - This role will own the end to end process of bringing a new Reforge program to market. It is a mix of both strategy and execution work.

  • Lifestyle - There is very little travel required for this role. We operate as a distributed team and financially support the work environment you thrive in.

  • Brand Association - Reforge has a top tier reputation within the technology community. Former employees have gone on to roles at Google, Stripe, and other leading companies.

  • Early Stage Startup - For those interested in early stage startups, Reforge is a rare opportunity to join very early (<10 people) without taking on product-market fit, distribution, funding or compensation risk.


As a professional education company, we are thoughtful about how each role will contribute to the career progression and desires of each individual. A typical candidate will spend 12 to 24 months within this role, and then progress in one of two directions:

  • Transition Into Product, Growth, or Data Related Role At A Top Tech Company

    • After 12 to 24 months in this role, you will have become a knowledge expert in a frontier, high demand topic and seen the leading strategies across a breadth of companies. With our network of leading managers, alums, and venture capitalists, we have an inside line to open roles at almost every major tech company and startup and will work with you to get placed at a role of your desire.

  • Build and Lead Teams Within Reforge

    • You will be the foundation of the largest and fastest growing team within Reforge. After 12-24 months in this role, you will go on to build and lead multiple teams within your existing or new topic area to expand the program catalogue.

What you’ll do

  • The primary goal of this role is to un-trap the knowledge stuck in the head of the worlds leading practitioners.

  • You will own a frontier topic within Product Management, Marketing, or Data and identify opportunities for new Reforge programs within that topic.

  • You will get partnered with 2-3 VP's from leading companies like Pinterest, Atlassian, HubSpot, Uber and more to identify opportunities for new products within your topic vertical and run end to end development of go to market and content strategy.

  • Work directly with the subject matter experts to gather, analyze, synthesize and structure detailed information around your topic vertical.

  • Drive analytical research that combines our proprietary primary research with outside information to develop thought frameworks, examples, and case studies around recent and relevant companies

  • Collaborate with a cross functional team of content designers, program producers, and others to assemble world-class content for a Reforge program.

  • Execute user feedback sessions to refine positioning and improve overall quality and depth of Reforge programs.

  • Help improve the velocity of new product development by combining

who you’ll work with

  • Reforge Subject Matter Experts - Leaders at companies like Pinterest, Uber, Atlassian, Google, LinkedIn, and more.

  • Program Production Team - Cross functional team of content designers, producers, and contract researchers.

  • CEO - You'll work closely with the CEO, Brian Balfour, as new Program production is our top priority. Learn more about Brian here:

  • World Class Students - Our programs are application only and selective. They attract top performers from the world's leading tech companies.

what we’re looking for

  • 3+ years of experience in management consulting, market/business research with preferred project experience in the technology/software industry OR 4+years of experience in a product, digital marketing, biz ops or data role for a technology company.

  • Deep analytical and quantitative problem solving skills

  • Ability to communicate complex, disparate ideas in a well structured and easy to consume way

  • Familiarity with quantitative and qualitative market research methods

  • Intellectual curiosity with love for digging multiple layers deep on frontier topics

  • Ability to lead a cross functional team of analytical and creative backgrounds

  • Proficient in Excel and Keynote/Powerpoint

  • Interest or previous experience in software, technology, or education industries

  • Travel to San Francisco 2 to 4 times per year required

to apply

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